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The Peloponnese, also known as Moreas or Morias, is the largest peninsula in Greece and the southernmost in Europe, with Tripoli as its capital. Its name comes from ancient Greek mythology, the king of Achaia Pelopa.

On this page you'll find all the information you need to choose and book a ferry to Peloponnese, but for the latest prices and sailings for the islands please use our booking form above.

The Peloponnese is located in the south of the mainland part of Greece and is connected to Central Greece through the Isthmus of Corinth and the Rio-Antirio bridge. The ports of Gythio, Kyllini, Porto Heli, Ermioni and Methana belong to Peloponnese.

It is connected with many parts of Greece like Attica, Saronic islands, Ionian Islands and Crete. As it is considered one of the most popular destinations, it is served by many ferry companies such as Blue Star Ferries, Seajets, Levante Ferries, Saronic Ferries and others.

Peloponnese ferry timetable

Why visit the Peloponnese

  • You can visit Peloponnese in every season
  • There are sandy exotic beaches and picturesque bays to enjoy
  • Travelling to the Peloponnese is an important journey into history and ancient civilization
  • There are many activities to do in nature such as walking, climbing and more
  • Visit ancient Olympia, one of the most important archeological sites in Greece

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Special offers & latest prices for the Peloponnese

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50% child discounts by Ventouris Ferries, Boatman union of Santorini & European Seaways
Children between 4 - 12 years of age have 50% discount on the net fares. Children must be accompanied by at least one adult.

Latest booked prices

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  • Booked: 8th April, 2021
  • Travel: Apr 8th -
  • People: Two foot passengers
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  • Booked: 16th April, 2021
  • Travel: Jun 19th -
  • People: Two foot passengers
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  • Booked: 29th February, 2024
  • Travel: Jun 15th -
  • People: Two foot passengers


Have you travelled by ferry in the Peloponnese? What was your experience like? Where did you go? Would you go back? Would you suggest others also travel here? Write your thoughts and help your fellow travellers.

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Rated 5 out of 5
May 25, 2024
Orlando Eck

Great opportunity to explore new places

Rated 4 out of 5
May 3, 2022

We had the chance to explore Hydra, Ermioni and Poros thanks to the frequent ferry connections! No delays as we had already booked our tickets through your site. It was really worth it!


Peloponnese port addresses

These are all the port addresses for companies in the Peloponnese. Click on the directions links to be taken to Google maps.


Antikythira Port
Port of Antikythira, Antikythira, Ionian Islands, 80100, Greece.
GPS co-ordinates
23.29 ° N, 35.882 ° E


Ermioni Port
Port of Ermioni, Ermioni Town, Peloponnese, 21051, Greece.
Phone number: +30 27540 31243
Fax number: +30 27540 33133
GPS co-ordinates
23.25 ° N, 37.386 ° E


Gytheio Port
Port of Gytheio, Gytheio Town, Peloponnese, 23200, Greece.
Phone number: +30 27330 22262
Fax number: +30 27330 22262
GPS co-ordinates
22.563 ° N, 36.762 ° E


Kyllini Port
Port of Kyllini, Kyllini, Peloponnese, 27068, Greece.
Phone number: +30 26230 92211
Fax number: +30 26230 29204
GPS co-ordinates
21.148 ° N, 37.938 ° E


Methana Port
Port of Methana, Methana, Peloponnese, 180 30, Greece.
Phone number: +30 22980 92279
GPS co-ordinates
23.392 ° N, 37.581 ° E

Neapoli Vion

Neapoli Port
120-128, Vion Ave., Neapoli Vion, Laconia, 230 53, Greece.
Phone number: +302734 022228
GPS co-ordinates
23.059 ° N, 36.508 ° E


Patras Port
Port of Patras, Patras Town, Peloponnese, 26333, Greece.
Phone number: +30 2613615400
Fax number: +30 2613615421
GPS co-ordinates
21.719 ° N, 38.226 ° E

Porto Heli

Porto Heli Port
Port of Porto Heli, Porto Heli Town, Peloponnese, 21300, Greece.
Phone number: +30 2754053333
Fax number: +30 2754029742
GPS co-ordinates
23.144 ° N, 37.326 ° E

Peloponnese port map

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All ports in the Peloponnese

Peloponnese central agencies

These are the central agencies for the ferry copanies that operate in the Peloponnese. Click on the directions links to be taken to Google maps. At these agencies you can ask questions buy tickets or if you don't have an e-ticket you can get your ticket printed out (normally for a nominal sum).


Fun in the Sun
Ermioni, Peloponnese, 21051, Greece.
Phone number: +30 27540 31514
Fax number: +30 27540 31881
Email address:
GPS co-ordinates
23.24 ° N, 37.393 ° E


Rozakis Shipping and Travel Agency
Vasileos Pavlou 5, Githio, Peloponnese, 232 00, Greece.
Phone number: +30 27330 22207
Email address:
GPS co-ordinates
22.568 ° N, 36.757 ° E


Levante Ferries
Kyllini, Greece, Ionian Islands, 270 68, Greece.
GPS co-ordinates
21.147 ° N, 37.938 ° E


Saronic Ferries Ticket Office
Aktis Saronikou, Methana, Saronic, 18030, Greece.
Phone number: +302298093054
Email address:
GPS co-ordinates
23.39 ° N, 37.582 ° E

Neapoli Vion

Exantas Shipping Agency
Akti Vion & Agias Triados, Neapoli Lakonias, Peloponnese, 230 53, Greece.
Phone number: +30 27340 22644
Email address:
GPS co-ordinates
23.062 ° N, 36.508 ° E


Aqua Shipping
Athinon 4, Peloponnese, 26223, Greece.
Phone number: +30 2610427100
Fax number: +30 2610420800
Email address:
GPS co-ordinates
21.738 ° N, 38.254 ° E


S. Bakolias & Co L.t.D
New port of Patras, Peloponnese, 26333, Greece.
Phone number: +30 2610 343655
Fax number: +30 2610 365533
Email address:
GPS co-ordinates
21.736 ° N, 38.251 ° E


Ferry Center
12, Othonos Amalias Street, Patras, Peloponnese, 26223, Greece.
Phone number: +30 2610 634000
Email address:
GPS co-ordinates
21.737 ° N, 38.252 ° E


Levante Ferries
Othonos Amalias 12, Peloponnese, 26221, Greece.
Phone number: +30 2610 240000
Email address:
GPS co-ordinates
21.734 ° N, 38.25 ° E


F. Filopoulos & K. Parthenopoulos
Othonos Amalias 12, Peloponnese, 26223, Greece.
GPS co-ordinates
21.736 ° N, 38.251 ° E


Patras Shipping Agencies SA
Iroon Polytechniou 50, Peloponnese, 26441, Greece.
Phone number: +30 2610 426000
Fax number: +30 2610 461188
Email address:
GPS co-ordinates
21.729 ° N, 38.245 ° E

Porto Heli

Hellenic Vision Shipping
Porto Heli, Peloponnese, 21300, Greece.
Phone number: +30 2754051444
Fax number: +30 2754051537
Email address:
GPS co-ordinates
23.144 ° N, 37.324 ° E
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