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Minoan Lines in the port
Minoan Lines ships have a very large number of cabins in the company's effort to provide a comfortable and relaxing journey for the passenger. The ships also have an open deck and airline type seats. There are shops restaurants, cafes onboard.

The company holds many awards for its services and actions, but the most important is the one for the best Greek Shipping Company awarded in 2020.

The goal of the company is to provide the passengers with a safe, fast and carefree trip for a dream start of their holiday.

The Minoan Lines is one of the oldest ferry companies in the business. They were founded in 1972 by the Klironomou family, while now a large percentage belongs to Grimaldi Lines. It has more than 20 ships in its fleet, in its effort to serve as many transportation needs as possible.

The ships of Minoan Lines connect the ports of Crete with Piraeus, the Cyclades as well as various ports of Greece with those of Italy, thus facilitating cruises, tourism and maritime transport.

Minoan Lines timetable

Why choose Minoan Lines?

  • Onboard Minoan Lines, you will find specialized services that meet the modern lifestyle such as Wi-Fi, Spa, Fitness centre, conference centre etc.
  • Minoan Lines is the only company that connects Greece with Italy
  • It is the pioneering shipping Company in the Greek ferry sector with "green" ecological vessels
  • Minoan Lines became a proud member of the big family of Grimaldi Group
  • Minoan Lines is fully capable of providing safe and quality transportation for both passengers and vehicles

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50% to 100% child discounts by Dodecanese Flying Dolphins, Karystia Lines, Goutos Lines, Minoan Lines & Small Cyclades Lines
Infants up to 5 years old travel free on all lines. Children from 5 to 10 years old are entitled to a 50% discount. Discounted rates for children apply to all sea lines.
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  • Booked: 9th December, 2020
  • Travel: Dec 1st - Dec 8th
  • People: Two foot passengers
Fare details
  • Booked: 17th December, 2020
  • Travel: Dec 23rd - Dec 17th
  • People: Two foot passengers

Minoan Lines port addresses

Chania Port
Port of Chania (Souda), Chania Town, Crete, 73132, Greece.
Telephone: +30 28210 98888, 52777
Fax: +30 28210 28387
GPS Co-ordinates
24.076 ° N, 35.489 ° E
Heraklion Port
Heraklion Port (Nearhou avenue 78 ), Heraklion Town, Crete, 71307, Greece.
Telephone: +30 2810 244956
Fax: +30 2810 229445
GPS Co-ordinates
25.143 ° N, 35.344 ° E
Piraeus Port
Port of Piraeus, Piraeus, Athens, 18537, Greece.
Telephone: +30 210 4147800
Fax: +30 210 4511121
GPS Co-ordinates
23.633 ° N, 37.941 ° E

Minoan Lines port map

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Minoan Lines ticket booths

If you don't use an e-ticket some ferry ports offer a booth directly at the port where you can print your tickets. Sometimes it may not be clear which booth to use (some companies share booths) and where they are. Here you can find all the information you need.
Minoan Lines
Inside the port area at: Gate E2, Port of Piraeus, Athens, 18500, Greece.
Telephone: +30 210 4080028
Fax: +30 210 4082686
GPS Co-ordinates
23.637 ° N, 37.949 ° E

Minoan Lines central agencies

In addition, if you don't use an e-ticket you can print off your ticket at one of these central agencies. Some agencies may charge a small fee for this (for example 1 euro). You can also go to central agencies for general information or to change your ticket. 


Delia Travel
Vougli (new peripheral road), Mykonos, Cyclades Islands, 84600, Greece.
Telephone: +30 2289022322
Fax: +30 2289024400
Email Address
GPS Co-ordinates
25.326 ° N, 37.465 ° E


Skiathos OE
Papadiamanti 1, Skiathos, Sporades Islands, 37002, Greece.
Telephone: +30 2427022209
Fax: +30 2427022750
Email Address
GPS Co-ordinates
23.488 ° N, 39.164 ° E


Malliaris Travel
Pantanassis Square, Tinos, Cyclades Islands, 84200, Greece.
Telephone: +30 22830 24241
Fax: +30 22830 24243
Email Address
GPS Co-ordinates
25.162 ° N, 37.538 ° E


Pelican Tours & Travel
Central square of Fira and Port of Thira, Cyclades Islands, 84700, Greece.
Telephone: +30 2286022220
Fax: +30 2286022570
Email Address
GPS Co-ordinates
25.428 ° N, 36.386 ° E


Naxos Τours
Naxos, Cyclades Islands, 84300, Greece.
Telephone: +30 2285024000
Fax: +30 2285023951
Email Address
GPS Co-ordinates
25.376 ° N, 37.104 ° E


Polos Tours
Port of Paroikia, Cyclades Islands, 84400, Greece.
Telephone: +30 2284022092
Fax: +30 2284021983
Email Address
GPS Co-ordinates
25.149 ° N, 37.088 ° E


Minoan Lines
Via XXIX Settembre, 10, Italy, 60122, Greece.
Telephone: +39 07120170
Fax: +39 071201933
Email Address
GPS Co-ordinates
13.507 ° N, 43.617 ° E


Euro Agency srl Via Ca'Savorgnan
Venice Mestre,4 , Italy, 30172, Greece.
Telephone: +39 0415041201

Email Address
GPS Co-ordinates
12.249 ° N, 45.426 ° E


Minoan Lines
Central Passenger Station, Mainland, 46100, Greece.
Telephone: +30 26650 24404

Email Address
GPS Co-ordinates
20.26 ° N, 39.488 ° E


Minoan Lines S.A.
25th August 17, Crete, 71202, Greece.
Telephone: +30 2810229646
Fax: +30 2810226479
Email Address
GPS Co-ordinates
25.134 ° N, 35.342 ° E


Aegean Thalassic Agency
Kountouriotou 13 , Mainland, 56728, Greece.
Telephone: +30 2310550311

Email Address
GPS Co-ordinates
22.947 ° N, 40.652 ° E


Petros & Pavlos Makridis E.P.E
Ethnikis Antistaseos 2, Ionian Islands, 49100, Greece.
Telephone: +30 2661025000
Fax: +30 2661046555
Email Address
GPS Co-ordinates
19.91 ° N, 39.625 ° E


Minoan Lines S.A.
Headquarters of International Lines of Thermopylae 6-10 'Agios Dionysios, Mainland, 18545, Greece.
Telephone: +30 2104145700
Fax: +30 2104145755
Email Address
GPS Co-ordinates
23.636 ° N, 37.95 ° E


Andriakon Ship & Tour
Akti Str. Papagou 10, Cyclades Islands, 84100, Greece.
Telephone: +30 2281084444
Fax: +30 2281086523
Email Address
GPS Co-ordinates
24.943 ° N, 37.443 ° E


Patras Shipping Agencies SA
Iroon Polytechniou 50, Peloponnese, 26441, Greece.
Telephone: +30 2610 426000
Fax: +30 2610 461188
Email Address
GPS Co-ordinates
21.729 ° N, 38.245 ° E

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