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Monument to the woman from Olympos in Diafani, Karpathos

Diafani is located in the Dodecanese and is connected by ferry to and from Athens, Crete, the Cyclades and other ports in the Dodecanese.

There are 2 ferry companies operating ferries to and from Diafani. Aegeon Pelagos and Seajets both operate ferries to and from Diafani. In the summer season, there are a total of 28 sailings per week.

The most popular route in terms of sailings is the route from Halki to Diafani with 10 sailings per week.

The port or island closest to Diafani is Kasos with a distance of just 46 kilometres - that's 29 miles or 25 nautical miles. While the port or island furthest away is Piraeus at a distance of 401 kilometres - that's about 249 miles or about 217 nautical miles.

Diafani port is located on the north coast of the island Karpathos in Greece and is the second-largest seaport serving the island. The port is a small port and is generally not very busy but is busiest in the summer.

Ferries to Diafani are normally available throughout the year but there are fewer sailings in the winter. Diafani is served only by conventional ferries.

You can travel to or from Diafani with your vehicle or on foot. And normally you can take a bike with you or a pet.

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Diafani ferry schedules

Why visit Diafani?

  • The Acropolis of Arkassa, located on a hill with a gorgeous view of the sea
  • The Cave of Neptune is a unique natural site which in ancient times was used as a sanctuary
  • Visit the village of Olympos and admire the windmills which are the landmark of the island

Island hopping around  Diafani

Diafani (Karpathos) is one of the Dodecanese islands and so it’s the ideal base if you want to hop from island to island. You can easily book quick ferries to Milos, Kasos, Halki, Anafi, Rhodes and others.

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Diafani port address & GPS

Diafani Port
Port of Diafani, Diafani Town, 85700, Greece.
Telephone: +30 2245051227
GPS Co-ordinates
27.2137 ° N, 35.7556 ° E

Diafani port facilities

Diafani is the second port of Karpathos and it's not in the capital town of the island. But you can find some hotels, cafes and restaurants.

No parking facilities, long or short term, are available.

In the summer months the port can become quite chaotic with long queues for cars. So please arrive at least one hour in advance if travelling by car. For more information about Diafani (Karpathos), you can visit Wikipedia.

Getting to and from the port


By car

The Diafani port is located in a small village of Karpathos so if you stay there it's easy to reach the harbour. If you stay in the capital of Karpathos it's about 48 km away.

By Taxi

There are taxis that you can use to get from the capital to the port of Diafani.

By Bus

There are buses every day which connect the main town with the port.
on foot

On Foot

Diafani port is far from the capital so if you are staying there is not possible to go to Diafani on foot. If you stay at Diafani you can reach the harbour on foot.

Frequently asked questions for Diafani ferries

Flights to Diafani (Karpathos) The airport on Karpathos (AOK) is located at the southernmost part of the island. There are flights from Karpathos to Athens, Rhodes, Kasos, Bologna and Milan - Italy. Ferries to Diafani (Karpathos) The most popular way to get to Diafani Karpathos is by ferry from Piraeus port.
Routes to and from Diafani (Karpathos) are only operated by Aegeon Pelagos company.
  • Route: Piraeus (Athens) to Diafani (Karpathos): Average one way cost per person traveling on foot in July: €40
There are travel agencies located near the port in a few meters walk.
No, this company doesn't offer an e-ticket service to Diafani (Karpathos).
To get your ticket printed make sure you have a print out or a copy of your reservation on your phone and a valid form of photographic ID - for example your passport or ID card.

Our tips to get a cheap ticket to Diafani Karpathos:

  • Book in advance Prices always go up the closer you book to your departure date.
  • Compare ferry companies side by side using a service like Zas Ferries
You can travel to Diafani from this mainland port:
  • Piraeus: Ferry runs two times a week and the crossing takes 26 hours and 35 minutes.
  • On foot: Please arrive at least one hour before you travel.
  • By car: Please arrive at least two hours before you travel and in July and August allow for traffic jams on your journey.
Yes, you can take your dog or other pet on the ferry but it isn't possible to book a space in the kennel in advance. All Greek ships by law must have some kennel space.
  • On conventional ferries

    If you are travelling on conventional ferry (not a fast ferry or catamaran) there is normally space available in the kennels and you should also be able to have your dog on all deck areas (but not inside) with you. Strictly speaking, this at the discretion of the ferry company but in general you should have no issues - though please take a muzzle with you just in case and keep your dog on a leash at all times. Small sized dogs and cats can travel in the ship as long as they stay inside a special travel box.

    The other option, for absolute peace of mind, is to book a pet cabin. These are like normal cabins but have linoleum flooring. They are also available for day crossings at reasonable prices. This way you don't have to worry about finding space in the kennels and you and your dog or cat can relax. In July and August ferries can get very busy with people and other dogs.

  • On fast ferries or catamarans

    Fast ferries and catamarans will also have kennels but these will be limited in number. In addition, the majority of fast ferries (though there are exceptions) don't have open deck space accessible throughout the journey, so you will not be able to stay out with your pet during your crossing. However, if your pet is small and inside a travel box you will be able to keep him or her inside.

Yes, we accept PayPal and if your debit card is issued by Visa or Mastercard then you should have no issues paying by debit card.
You can take your bike with you for free to or from Diafani (Karpathos), if you travel on large ships like those from Anek Lines. However, on ships without a garage, bicycles are normally not allowed inside. You'll see if the ship has a garage when making your reservation. Diafani (Karpathos) can be busy in the summer so it is a good idea to tell a member of the port staff that you have a bike in case you might need extra assistance.
Diafani (Karpathos) is most popular in the summer months but good weather normally lasts until the end of September and the first weeks of October. There are also plenty of places to visit in the winter.

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  • Booked: 25th June, 2021
  • Travel: 14th July - 12th August
  • People: One foot passenger

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