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Daily itineraries to Naxos, Amorgos & the Small Cyclades

The Express Skopelitis of the Small Cyclades Lines company is a ship that holds a total of 340 passengers and 11 cars. It has two passenger lounges, an open deck and can carry parcels to serve the needs of the small islands around Naxos.

The company's social awareness has been rewarded in various ways by local agencies, but the main recognition came with the "Best Shipping Company of the Year" award. The inhabitants of the Small Cyclades islands consider the company and the crew as their family and welcome them warmly at every arrival.

Since 1956, when founded by the Skopelitis family, Small Cyclades Lines breathes into the small Cycladic islands based in Amorgos. The company started with a small wooden boat and today with the Express Skopelitis, the third generation continues to tame the waves all year round, regardless of the weather, and to unite the Small Cyclades.

With daily itineraries, Express Skopelitis brings life to the Small Cyclades both in winter and summer. From Katapola (Amorgos) as starting point, she approaches the ports of Aegiali, Schinoussa, Donousa, Iraklia, Koufonisi and Naxos and returns again to base. It is a ship on which the local economy relies and is a valuable ally of the inhabitants of the small islands.

Small Cyclades Lines timetable

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Why choose Small Cyclades Lines?

  • You can find cheap tickets to visit Small Cyclades all year round
  • You can do one day trip with Small Cyclades Lines to the Minor Cyclades starting from Amorgos
  • The highest standards of safety and hygiene mean your trip will be worry free
  • It is the only ferry company that connects Donnousa with the other islands in the area

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50% to 100% child discounts by Dodecanese Flying Dolphins, Karystia Lines, Goutos Lines, Minoan Lines & Small Cyclades Lines
Infants up to 5 years old travel free on all lines. Children from 5 to 10 years old are entitled to a 50% discount. Discounted rates for children apply to all sea lines.

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  • Booked: 24th June, 2021
  • Travel: Jun 30th - Jul 31st
  • People: Two foot passengers

Small Cyclades Lines port addresses

Schinoussa Port
Port of Schinoussa, Schinoussa, Cyclades Islands, 84300, Greece.
GPS Co-ordinates
25.51 ° N, 36.871 ° E
Naxos Port
Port of Naxos, Naxos Town, Cyclades Islands, 84300, Greece.
Telephone: +30 22850 22300
Fax: +30 22850 24549
GPS Co-ordinates
25.372 ° N, 37.107 ° E
Koufonisi Port
Port of Koufonisi, Koufonisi, Cyclades Islands, 84300, Greece.
GPS Co-ordinates
25.601 ° N, 36.929 ° E
Katapola Port
Port of Katapola, Katapola, Amorgos, Cyclades Islands, 84008, Greece.
Telephone: +30 22850 71259
Fax: +30 22850 22219
GPS Co-ordinates
25.863 ° N, 36.827 ° E
Iraklia Port
Port of Iraklia, Iraklia, Cyclades Islands, 84300, Greece.
GPS Co-ordinates
25.47 ° N, 36.863 ° E
Donoussa Port
Port of Donoussa, Donoussa, Cyclades Islands, 84300, Greece.
GPS Co-ordinates
25.795 ° N, 37.1 ° E
Aegiali Port
Port of Aegiali, Aegiali, Cyclades Islands, 84008, Greece.
Telephone: +30 22850 73037
Fax: +30 22850 22219
GPS Co-ordinates
25.976 ° N, 36.901 ° E

Small Cyclades Lines port map

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Small Cyclades Lines ticket booths

If you don't use an e-ticket some ferry ports offer a booth directly at the port where you can print your tickets. Sometimes it may not be clear which booth to use (some companies share booths) and where they are. Here you can find all the information you need.

Small Cyclades Lines central agencies

In addition, if you don't use an e-ticket you can print off your ticket at one of these central agencies. Some agencies may charge a small fee for this (for example 1 euro). You can also go to central agencies for general information or to change your ticket. 

Aegiali (Amorgos)

Nautilos-el. Vekris
Aegiali, Amorgos, Cyclades Islands, 84008, Greece.
Telephone: +30 2285073032
Fax: +30 2285073231
Email Address
GPS Co-ordinates
25.977 ° N, 36.903 ° E


Sigalas Travel
Port of Donoussa, Donoussa, Cyclades Islands, 84300, Greece.
Telephone: +30 2285051570
Fax: +30 2285051607
Email Address
GPS Co-ordinates
25.795 ° N, 37.1 ° E


Gavalas Evagelos
Port of Iraklia, Iraklia, Cyclades Islands, 84300, Greece.
Telephone: +30 22850 71539
Fax: +30 22850 71561
Email Address
GPS Co-ordinates
25.47 ° N, 36.863 ° E


Prasinou Katerina
Port of Koufonissi, Koufonissi, Cyclades Islands, 84300, Greece.
Telephone: +30 2285071438
Fax: +30 2285074249
Email Address
GPS Co-ordinates
25.599 ° N, 36.932 ° E


Zas Travel
Port of Naxos, Naxos, Cyclades Islands, 84300, Greece.
Telephone: +30 2285023331
Fax: +30 2285023419
Email Address
GPS Co-ordinates
25.375 ° N, 37.105 ° E


Dakoutros Travel
Fira, Santorini, Cyclades Islands, 84700, Greece.
Telephone: +30 2286022958
Fax: +30 2286022686
Email Address
GPS Co-ordinates
25.431 ° N, 36.387 ° E


Paralos Travel
Port of Schinoussa, Cyclades, 84300, Greece.
Telephone: +30 22850 71160
Fax: +30 22850 71957
Email Address
GPS Co-ordinates
25.517 ° N, 36.871 ° E

Katapola (Amorgos)

Prekas Travel
Katapola, Cyclades Islands, 84300, Greece.
Telephone: +30 22850 71256
Fax: +30 22850 74119
Email Address
GPS Co-ordinates
25.863 ° N, 36.827 ° E

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The Small Cyclades Lines fleet

Express Skopelitis
Conventional Ship

A conventional ferry built in 1956. Enoy a trip in the small Cyclades. Trvel with your car and with your pet.

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Sun deck
  • TOP SPEED Up to 22 knots
  • LENGTH 44.9 metres
  • PASSENGERS Up to 340
  • WIDTH 8 metres
  • VEHICLES Up to 12
  • BUILT 1956
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