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Erikoussa port

Erikoussa is located in the Ionian Islands and is connected by ferry to and from Corfu which is also situated in the Ionian Islands.

Currently only Kerkyra Lines operates ferries to and from Erikoussa. In the summer season, there are a total of 3 sailings per week.

The distance from Erikoussa to Corfu is just 8 kilometres. That's about 5 miles or about 4 nautical miles.

Erikoussa is located northwest of Corfu, east of Albania and west of Italy. It is one of the three inhabited little islands in the Diapontia complex and its land area is just 3.65 square kilometres. The island charms visitors with its unspoiled beauty and boasts 3 stunning beaches: Porto, which is also the port as its name implies, Bragini and Fiki.

The towering cypress and olive trees, along with concealed sea caves and vibrant turquoise shores, make Erikoussa an exotic destination combined with the authentic, traditional Greek hospitality.

The name Erikoussa derives from the plant "eríki" (heather), abundant on the island, that paints it purple during its blooming time in October. In some old maps, Erikoussa is often mentioned as Merlera.

The port is a small port and is generally not very busy but is busiest in the summer.

Ferries to Erikoussa are normally available throughout the year but there are fewer sailings in the winter. Erikoussa is served only by conventional ferries.

You can travel to or from Erikoussa with your vehicle or on foot. And normally you can take a bike with you or a pet.

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Erikoussa ferry schedules

Why visit Erikoussa?

  • Erikoussa is a small paradise where you can relax and come closer to nature.
  • Visit Bragini, an exotic beach with clear waters and sand covered in white lilies.
  • One of the main attractions is the old olive press which is still in operation.
  • Be treated to local delicacies at one of the few great restaurants on the island.
  • There are paths in Erikoussa that are easy to explore on foot, as the distance from its southernmost to northernmost side of the island is less than 3 km.
  • Don’t miss a beautiful walk to Fiki Beach for the most beautiful sunset of the Ionian Sea, sipping delicious cocktails.
  • You can go all around the island by bike using the dirt roads network.

Island hopping around  Erikoussa

The duration of the trip from Corfu is 2 hours and 30 minutes. With hardly any facilities and a lush green natural setting, Erikoussa is a great day-trip destination from Corfu. However, there are also a few lodging choices available for those interested in a stay away from the usually busy tourist destinations.

Erikoussa is the second biggest of the Diapontia Island complex. Othoni and Mathraki are the other two inhabited islands of the group and both are also connected with Corfu 3 times a week.

Local weather forecast

Erikoussa WEATHER

Erikoussa port address & GPS

Erikoussa Port
Erikoussa, Diapontia Islands, 49100, Greece.
Telephone: +30 26630 72549
GPS Co-ordinates
19.5794 ° N, 39.8781 ° E

Erikoussa port facilities

Given that Erikoussa is a destination off the beaten trail, it doesn’t have many facilities. There is a bakery near the port with delicious croissants and Oasis bar/taverna/mini market is a 5-minute walk from port.

Getting to and from the port


By car

The port is located in the main settlement of Porto and has plenty of parking space.

By Bus

Erikoussa is very small so there is no bus service on the island.
on foot

On Foot

It’s very easy to reach the port on foot and most shops are just 5 minutes away.

By Taxi

There are no taxis on the island but you can bring your own car if you travel with "Evdokia" ferry.

Frequently asked questions for Erikoussa ferries

Flights to Erikoussa: The nearest airport is Corfu airport "Ioannis Kapodistrias" (CFU). In summer there are many direct charter flights from Europe.

Ferries to Erikoussa: Taking the ferry is the most popular way to reach the port of Erikoussa from the port of Corfu.
Routes to and from Erikoussa are operated only by Kerkyra Lines.
  • Route Corfu to Erikoussa: Average one way cost per person travelling on foot in July: €9.20
No, the company traveling to this port does not provide an e-ticket service yet. Just simply get your confirmation and have your boarding pass printed at the port or a co-operating agency. All the details will be on your confirmation e-mail when you book.
There are no travel agencies on Erikoussa so you should get your return tickets while you are still in Corfu.
To get your ticket printed make sure you have a print out or a copy of your reservation on your phone and a valid form of photographic ID - for example your passport or ID card if you can also use it for travel.
  • On foot: Please arrive at least one hour before you travel.
  • By car: Arriving one hour beforehand is fine as this is a small port and there are usually no queued vehicle even in July or August.
Yes, small pets can remain in the ship inside their crate, while large breed dogs (>10 kg) must have a muzzle on and always be accompanied by their owner, tied up with a leash, only in the outside areas of the ship where there are not many passengers so that they are not disturbed. Passengers traveling with a pet should hold their pet’s health documents and are responsible for the pet’s safety and hygiene. Unaccompanied pets cannot travel.
You can take your bike with you for free or for a small extra fee like 10 euros, if you travel on large ships. However, on ships without a garage, bicycles are normally not allowed inside. You'll see if the ship has a garage when making your reservation. It is a good idea to tell a staff member of the port that you have a bike in case you might need extra assistance.
Yes, we accept PayPal and if your card is issued by Visa or Mastercard then you should have no issues paying by debit card.

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