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Maistros Santorini ferry at sea
The Maistros Santorini can accommodate up to 200 passengers and has a garage to transport passenger vehicles.

This ship supports the insularity and prosperity of the islands it serves.

Maistros Santorini belongs to the Boatmen Union of Santorini. It was built in 2015 and her base is Santorini.

The ship runs daily itineraries to Folegandros, Ios, Sikinos and Anafi, starting from Santorini.

Boatman Union of Santorini timetable

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Why choose Boatman Union of Santorini?

  • Maistros Santorini is a new boat, built in 2015
  • The vessel is a highspeed boat and travels at a top speed of 27 knots
  • It can accommodate 200 passengers
  • Connects Santorini with Folegandros, Ios and Sikinos 3 times per week

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Special offers & latest prices for Boatman Union of Santorini

100% discount for infants
BY Ventouris Ferries, Boatman union of Santorini Anes Ferries, Ionion Pelagos, European Seaways & Triton Ferries
Infants from 0 up to 4 years old travel free of charge in deck category. For all other accommodation categories infants pay 50%
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50% child discounts by Ventouris Ferries, Boatman union of Santorini & European Seaways
Children between 4 - 12 years of age have 50% discount on the net fares. Children must be accompanied by at least one adult.
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Latest booked prices

Fare details
  • Booked: 29th April, 2021
  • Travel: May 20th - May 24th
  • People: Two foot passengers

Boatman Union of Santorini port addresses

Anafi Port
Port of Anafi, Anafi, Cyclades Islands, 84009, Greece.
GPS Co-ordinates
25.769 ° N, 36.344 ° E
Folegandros Port
Port of Folegandros, Folegandros, Cyclades Islands, 84011, Greece.
Telephone: +30 22860 41530
Fax: +30 22860 41530
GPS Co-ordinates
24.951 ° N, 36.614 ° E
Ios Port
Port of Ios, Ios Town, Cyclades Islands, 84001, Greece.
Telephone: +30 22860 91264
Fax: +30 22860 92264
GPS Co-ordinates
25.273 ° N, 36.722 ° E
Santorini Port
Port of Santorini, Santorini, Cyclades Islands, 84700, Greece.
Telephone: +30 22860 22239
Fax: +30 22860 23569
GPS Co-ordinates
25.428 ° N, 36.386 ° E
Sikinos Port
Port of Sikinos, Sikinos Town, Cyclades Island, 840 10, Greece.
Telephone: 2286051121
GPS Co-ordinates
25.144 ° N, 36.675 ° E

Boatman Union of Santorini port map

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Boatman Union of Santorini ticket booths

If you don't use an e-ticket some ferry ports offer a booth directly at the port where you can print your tickets. Sometimes it may not be clear which booth to use (some companies share booths) and where they are. Here you can find all the information you need.

Boatman Union of Santorini central agencies

In addition, if you don't use an e-ticket you can print off your ticket at one of these central agencies. Some agencies may charge a small fee for this (for example 1 euro). You can also go to central agencies for general information or to change your ticket. 


Boatmen Union of Santorini
Messaria, Cyclades Islands, 84700, Greece.
Telephone: +30 2286025290
Fax: +30 2286024220
Email Address
GPS Co-ordinates
25.447 ° N, 36.399 ° E

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The Boatman Union of Santorini fleet

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