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Agios Kirikos (Ikaria) - Pythagorio (Samos) FERRY

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Agios Kirikos (Ikaria) to Pythagorio (Samos) ferries from 20.80 €

A boat in Pythagorio, Samos
Sailings normally depart 2 times per week on Monday and Wednesday, but this can change depending on the season. The average crossing time is 1 hour and 35 minutes. The fastest crossing is with Dodekanisos Seaways. Note that this route can arrive in multiple ports. See the addresses section for more information.
The Agios Kirikos (Ikaria) to Pythagorio (Samos) ferry is operated by one ferry company: Dodekanissos Seaways. This route connects the Aegean islands to the North Aegean islands and you can take your car on this route or travel as a foot passenger. This route is offered by fast craft.

This route is only available in the summer: normally around May to October. The approximate distance from start to finish is 109.9 kilometres (around 59 nautical miles). You can travel with your pet (cat or dog).

The average price for a one-way foot passenger crossing in July is 20.80 Euros and for a car 43.50 Euros.

Agios Kirikos (Ikaria) to Pythagorio (Samos) ferry timetable

  • Dodekanisos Seaways Logo
    • 2 Sailings Weekly 1 hr 35 mins
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Why visit Agios Kirikos (Ikaria)?

  • Visit the green gorge of Therma
  • Visit the church of the Ascension
  • You can eat in a traditional fish tavern
  • Admire the fine marble blocks in Drakano Tower and the stone houses in Maganitis
  • Swimming in the "Seychelles", one of the most beautiful beaches
  • Make sure you join one of the local feasts ("paniyiri") for which Ikaria is famous

Why visit Pythagorio (Samos)?

  • See the Heraion and Pythagorion - the ruins of Samos' ancient town - are both worth a visit
  • Visit the Eupalinos tunnel. It was excavated from both ends using mathematical calculations and originally served as an aquaduct
  • The picturesque fishing village of Kokkari is a must and for the hiking type, Samos boasts 45 routes with the most unique being the hike to the 1.433m Mt. Kerkis
  • If you visit in the spring or autumn a visit to the Potami Waterfalls is a must. In the summer, they may have dried up
  • Go swimming at Tsamadou beach. Possibly the best beach on the island. Crystal clear waters surrounded by verdant pine trees

Agios Kirikos (Ikaria) address & GPS

Agios Kirikos Port
Agios Kirikos Port( Ikaria), Ikaria, Ikaria, Aegian Islands, 83300, Greece.
Telephone: +30 22750 22207
Fax: +30 22750 22867
GPS Co-ordinates
26.295 ° N, 37.612 ° E

Pythagorio (Samos) address & GPS

Pythagorio (Samos) Port
Pythagorio (Samos) Port, Samos Town, Aegean Islands, 83103, Greece.
Telephone: 2273061225
Fax: 2273062695
GPS Co-ordinates
26.944 ° N, 37.688 ° E

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Special offers & latest prices for Agios Kirikos (Ikaria) to Pythagorio (Samos)

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50% to 100% child discounts by Fast Ferries, Sea Speed Ferries, Dodekanisos Seaways, Aegeon Pelagos & Aegean Flying Dolphins
Fast Ferries offers discount 50% to children aged from 6 to 10 years. Also children up to 5 years old travel without charge.

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  • Booked: 21st April, 2021
  • Travel: Jun 2nd - Aug 30th
  • People: Two foot passengers

Average price chart

Prices from Agios Kirikos (Ikaria) to Pythagorio (Samos) can vary throughout the year, to help you make your mind up when might be the best time to travel, take a look at our average price chart of fares throughout the year. The prices are based on one person travelling as a foot-passenger.

Agios Kirikos (Ikaria) to Pythagorio (Samos) route map

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Useful numbers for Agios Kirikos (Ikaria) and Pythagorio (Samos)

Agios Kirikos (Ikaria)

Pythagorio (Samos)


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Agios Kirikos (Ikaria) to Pythagorio (Samos) from 20.80 €
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